Learn anime, manga, and illustrations in Nakano, the city of subcals !

Come to our specialized course, aim to get a job and make your debut. For those who want to learn with the aim of become a professional in earnest with a curriculum by instructors who know the anime, manga, and illustration industries.

Even beginners can learn with confidence by starting from scratch.


The instructor in charge of acquiring basic manga skills will take the place of the manga editing staff and aim to make his debut as a manga artist while checking plots, names, and drawings. You will also learn digital manga skillssuch.


We will develop a practical curriculum so that you can quickly improve your career as an animator. With the addition of “Anime Production Studio: Pioneer Productions”, we aim to find employment in the anime industry while feeling close to professional skills.


Learn basic analog technology, digitalskills, clip studio,and more. We aim to be illustrators and character designers with character design technology specialized in Moe and otome systems, and background technology with high detail.


Learn to become a professional figurine designer. From design to conception, you will learn the different steps to make your own figurine and meet specifications



OXYLIN-AMPS doesn’t consider you a”well-knowncreator” = “best instructor.” We consider the qualities of a lecturer to be “firstly excellent in developing knowledge and skills in anime, manga, and illustration”, and “secondly to be able to face students in order to find employment and debut”, and we invite lecturers called professionals of classes, employment and debut guidance to all courses.


At OXYLIN-AMPS, we also focus on analog skills and drawing to develop bony professionals. Our policy is to develop creators with real abilities who simply acquire digital skills and do not only target entering the entrance of the industry. This is our strong commitment.


Emphasis is placed on self-teaching. Students are put in real-life situations through surveys, case studies and team project management. In order to obtain a degree, one must learn how to conceptualize, to plan, to lead, and to manage a project (creation of manga, event planning and organization.)

These educational techniques permit students who will be faced with the complexities of project management, to be able to work in a team and to be operational within Japanese or European cultural organizations.


In order to provide a closer-to-the-field environment, amps has an anime production studio called Pioneer Productions within the facility. Here you can watch professional originals and videos at all times, and the optimal environment is in place for those who aspire to become an animators. If you are a student in the Anime Department, you can also conduct on-site training according to your skills. Of course, this studio fully supports animator employment.


Choose Oxylin-Amps has 5 benefits from a single degree:  


OXYLIN-AMPS offers classes in small classes of no more than 20 students. We believe that education that overcomes weaknesses and develops individuality cannot be established by one-way lectures alone, and emphasizes individual guidance.


The OXYLIN-AMPS Special Course offers generous support not only during your studies, but also after graduation.

Academic diploma

 OXYLIN is a recognized, licensed academic program, we are offering online training, university degree.


If you have finished your two-year curriculum well but are 10 years old and 10 years old, you will still be able to receive all second-year curricula free of charge until you get results. In addition, if you are required to leave your job after graduation, we will introduce you again and provide guidance. OXYLIN-AMPS will spare no effort in supportingyou after graduation until you have a convincing track record.


You can participate in regular seminars for industry people and employment guidance free of charge. Join the event and improve your skills


Amps has an anime production studio called Pioneer Productions to provide a closer-to-the-field environment.

You can watch professional original and video work at all times, and the optimal environment is in place for those who aspire to become an animator. If you are a student in the Anime Department, you can also conduct on-site training according to your skills. Of course, this studio also fully supports animator employment.

It is said that anime is one of the cultures that Japan can be proud of in the world. However, the actual situation on the ground is a world of chaos full of disorder, and it is also a small village society.

Pioneer means “pioneer” and “pioneer”. We will build bridges between anime production sites and anime education sites. In addition, we will actively engage in exchanges with people from a wide range of fields to explore new ways of expressing anime and developing new media. We would like to continue to be a pioneer group that dares to enter and develop unexplored fields.


Koharu Obata – Kimiharu Obata

He is active as an original drawing man and animation director. “Tamagotsi (animation supervisor)”, “Osomatsu-san (animation supervisor)”, “Detective Conan (original picture)”, etc. Representative of “Pioneer Productions”,an anime studio with amps. He has a career of more than 20 years in anime education and is one of the founders who founded amps as a culmination of that.

Reiya Suda – Rikiya Suda

As a original picture man “Aikatsu Friends! “Is it wrong to ask for a dungeon encounter II?”, “An angel came down on me!!” Animaere! I participate in a lot of works that beautiful girl characters appear. After working for an anime production company, he is currently working at Pioneer Productions, an anime studio with amps. He also has a different background as a professional golfer.

Asai, Mai – Kaori Asai

Debuted in the weekly shonen magazine publication issue. In Shonen Magazine, “I’ve seen this! In addition to the series, also published a read-out work. In addition, he has published many illustrations and read-out manga works in manga magazines and information magazines of publishers. Representative work weekly shonen champion “Detective Three Hair Cat Holmes”. Currently, he is a first-line manga artist who is serializing “Her Strong Girl”, Pachislot 7 published by Tatsumi Soryusha.

M. Shimizu

A four-frame cartoonist. He won an honorable work at the 59th Shogakukan Rookie Comic Awards and made his debut at “Rabuwan”. Four-framemanga is published in manygirlmagazines such as Sho-Comi. His most popular work is “2D OjiOta-kun” (all 5 volumes are on sale from Sho-Comi Flower Comics) currently jeese! In “There is not enough H for the magical girl!” In the series.

Jun Sebata

Debuted at Kadokawa Shoten MonthLY ASUKA and worked mainly on girl magazines and women’s magazines. His most famous work is Akita Shoten Sasperia Mystery “Private Detective Komon Fukushi Series” and “Girls’ Compass”. Currently, he is also active as an illustrator for maidens and card games.

Kuga Green – Midori Kuga

He majored in video production at university and bedded in illustration while he was a student. After graduating, he worked as a freelance illustrator after managing progress at a CG production company. He is in charge of illustrations for videos and publications, as well as graphic design production such as posters and flyers.

Aya Tanihara

After graduating from the amps illustration department, he worked as an assistant at a production company and worked as a freelance illustrator. Currently based in Tokyo, he is an up-and-coming young artist who is engaged in a wide range of production activities, including illustration production, lecturer, dooder activities, advertising, and design work.

Mantri Manoju

Graduated from the National L.S. Lahjer University of Fine Arts, India. He came to Japan to study anime and worked on “Saint Seiya”, “Spaceship Sajitarius” and “Transphomer”. After that, as a graphic designer, he was also in charge of illustrations and package design related to toys. 3DCG production, presided over video company Westwood Works. Painting history: Continues to draw portraits, landscape paintings, etc. with pencil drawings and prints. Many award calendars. He has appeared on TV as a traditional Indian artist and sand artist. He is also a multi-artist who is active as an actor and model in commercials, movies, dramas, etc.

Hako Asada

In charge of the voices of various popular anime characters. His major appearances include TBS ‘I’m Going to Arrest You’, TV Tokyo’s Pocket Monsters, Boyfriend’s Circumstances, Japan’s Detective Conan (Ishigishi Miko role) and the game Ark the Rad II. A veteran voice actor who also serves as a lecturer at a voice actor training center.

Yuta Imanishi

Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. He is an artist who works without being bound by genres of expression such as painting, sculpture, and video. His main activities include the launch of “Man-made Landscape” (Ariaki Museum of Fine Arts / Taiwan / 2018) “Rentals Professional Art(Provisional)” (blanclass / Kanagawa / 2016)”Rainbow Foot” (gallery Yada / Aichi / 2014) Alternative space “Geijuku”. With knowledge from other fields, he is active in expanding the field of expression of students and fostering pioneers.

Iku Sugino – Kaoru Sugino

Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting. Painter and illustrator. He is also active as a three-dimensional artist in department stores and galleries. Received the Audience Award and the NewComer Award W in 2018. In this drawing class, students will teach basic understanding and drawing of human body structures for character creation, as well as methods for expression by various poses and angles.

Osamu Tanhara

A talented actor who does everything from TV commercials to stage and voice actors. He works for the sound drama production theater group Atlta, and also works on teaching junior actors. Stage: Stage theater version “Eta-Narvois” (Kaza Theater), theater company Mahorba “Nina’s Recollection”, “Dressing Room”, “Tsubaki” external picture dubbing, etc.: “Puffum” Mo-Tee role Mario role, TV / CM: Maritime Self-Defense Force street vision CM escort ship executive Sansa role, National Tax Bureau video channel “Work of liquor tax auditor”, etc.


Application and Admission Procedures

OXYLIN welcomes those who wish to obtain a Bachelor. Unless you already have a resident visa, you must apply for a visa.

application forms

Documents prepared by student

  • Oxylin application form
  • Statement of purpose to study abroad(official doc)
  • 5 photos(h4cm×w3cm, taken within the last 6 months)

 A copy :

  • certificate of graduation from the last school
  • passport, page(s) of your photo, name and immigration stamps of Japan (if you already came un Japan)


Case A if the payer is the applicant.

  • payment certificate
  • certificate of bank balances
  • proof of occupation (certificate of employment, business license etc…)
  • proof of income


Case B if the payer is an other person.

  • Documents prepared by financial sponsor
  • Statement of financial support
  • Certificate of employment
  • Proof of income
  • Bank certificate of deposit
  • Copy of bankbook
  • Copy of identification
  • Family credentials